Reflection on Part 4

Overall this has been a section I enjoyed much more than I had anticipated and in part this is due to the fact I have been able to visit Kedleston Hall and also the Joseph Wright Gallery in person rather than relying on online sources – for me this has really brought the art and architecture of the periods studied to life.

I am also a lover of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art and I will be following submission of this assignment with a blog post on Alberto Pisa who I have long been interested in.

The difficulties I have encountered have come down to my note taking again and this is in part due to me wanting to get a deep level of understanding of the 3 chapters studied before I move on to the last assignment.  I decided to intentionally leave the notes as I typed them rather than shorten them, in part to gain a deeper understanding but also as I was trying to adjust my way of note taking and writing and consequentially the first for Enlightenment and Liberty are considerably longer than for the ones on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (the latter are also of the length required without an additional longer set of notes).  My notes show a development in how I am now doing them and this has now finally worked for me in way that is more efficient time wise and also still gives me that deep understanding that I am requiring.

The visit to Kedleston Hall was one I have really enjoyed as I realised just how much knowledge I was gaining and the fact I could relate my studies to the Hall was a revelation to myself!


Demonstration of subject-based knowledge and understanding:  this I now feel I am able to do and have demonstrated it throughout my notes and blogs on this section of the course.  I am aware at the time of writing I still have 3 exercises to do and some other research blogs to do and these will further demonstrate my knowledge.  I understanding a broad knowledge of subject content as well as knowledge of the appropriate historical, cultural, intellectual or institutional contexts – this has been shown more in my blogs on my visits than in my notes but I am happy with that.

Demonstration of research skills:  this for me has been one of my biggest improvements in this part.  I have used a variety of sources both primary and secondary with the latter still primarily being online sources due to lack of being able to obtain the necessary books from my local library on ocasions.  I am more able to plan a project, research and locate the evidence and with a lot more confidence in my abilities.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills:  I feel I have grown in confidence in engaging with concepts, values and debates and am more able to am more able to demonstrate my growing skills in analysis, reflection and critical thinking along with my interpretation in relation to relevant issues.

Communication:  again this is where I feel I have grown in confidence and my ability to get across what I want to in my writing of my blogs and the points I feel are important.

I do feel I am more confident in putting across my personal views with a reasonable explanation of why I think this way and also am of the understanding that the history of art is very subjective.  I am realising that when I talk about a piece to my fiance I am wording my debates with more considered thought and a different terminology – it is not just my knowledge that has improved dramatically as through my reading we are both gaining an ever increasing love of art history.  When I am researching I am now dismissing some online sources and more prepared to look deeper for ones that have the academic notes and points that I require and also the necessary critical thinking.

Overall I am feeling a desire to continue my art history studies long after the end of this course and as I continue on my chosen degree path I know my studies in this subject will play a part in how I approach the work.

Finally what do I consider my weak points or my strengths?  my time management despite having 3 exercises to do and some previous work to do re-work over the next few days has improved considerably and I have discovered a focus I have never had before so these weak points are now slowly becoming strengths.  Now I feel I just want to really crack my note taking and continue to ask myself the questions I am doing so whilst reading and also to study deeper within the subject for my final section of the course and my 2000 word essay.    I am keen to re-work two earlier pieces of work which have been suggested but now I am happier to do so as my confidence is improving but also by going back to the earlier parts of the course I will add in a series of notes as my knowledge and understanding has increased – I want to improve those early weaker sections even just with short footnotes. My thirst for knowledge is a shock to me in many ways as I have never been someone content to study for hours on end but now it is becoming second nature and ever stronger.

Overall this has been the section where I feel I have had my ‘revelation’ and turning point in my studies as a whole and been happy to really knuckle down whilst enjoying reading every word.

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