About me

This is the second version of this blog as my original one disappeared when I changed my theme unfortunately so I write this just over 18 months after the original.

I am a 48 year old mother of 3 children – two sons now aged 21 and 19 and a daughter aged 17 and I am also engaged to my much loved fiance and this course is the last thing I expected to be doing even just 3 years ago and beyond my wildest dreams.  Since starting this course I have also become a mother-in-law and grandmother to a much loved little grandson.

I state that I never expected to be doing this degree but aged 7 a little girl dreamed of becoming an artist!

My fiance is responsible for discovering OCA and the BA Hons Textiles degree and after much encouragement and 3 months of plucking up courage I telephoned the office and duly enrolled in November 2014 but was unable to start my courses until the following February.

Part of my reasoning for choosing to do the degree is that it was my 15 year survival present to myself – I had been diagnosed with a very rare cancer in 2000 so to have this opportunity is truly a privilege.

After some consideration I decided to take History of Art as my third HE Level 4 module due to a lifelong interest in history and a wish that I could combine my love of history with my textiles in the future and I remember stating that in my original introductory blog.  As I write this  I am nearing the end of Assignment 5 and this course has given me far more than I ever could have expected – the conversations with my fiance about various art works has proved to be very useful for batting around ideas and thinking about different viewpoints.  I have discovered a love of art that I knew was there but did not realise the passion it would become or the amount of knowledge I could gain in a relatively short period of time. As I think back though to the original post and that statement about combining history and textiles in a new way this is already coming to fruition as on my final assignment for A Creative Approach, my first textiles module, I am working on ideas inspired by Cubism and Clarice Cliff and also a modern artist Paul Corfield – how these ideas will work out is yet to be discovered!

I know at this stage History of Art will now be a lifelong love and I as I work through the courses and with luck the rest of the degree that I will continuing studying the subject and taking inspiration from artists through the ages and across the world in both my sketchbook work and my textiles.

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