About me

I am a student with the Open College of the Arts, studying the History of Arts course as part of the Textiles Degree.

I am a mature student and initially finding this process a little daunting but am also very much looking forward to seeing where studying this degree will take me.

What I hope to achieve with the History of Arts course is learning to look and analyse art in new much deeper way than I have before and understand all the influences that were or may have been behind the pieces I study. I hope to be able to learn to appreciate the techniques the artist used and to be able to research and investigate artists that I have not yet come across as well as artists in different media that I already love.

I have an interest already in the History of Art through many centuries and across many cultures and this course will enable me to both indulge that interest but I also hope to widen my interest and learn to look at art and artists that I would not have either come across or maybe dismissed before (thinking that I didn’t like them) but by learning in depth about them may come new appreciation of their work.

I am also simply looking forward to learning new research techniques and by broadening my horizon and knowledge I would hope that I can use art throughout history to influence and inspire my own textile work and to open up my mind to new and old ideas and new and old techniques.

My journey is just beginning.


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