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Exercise: Compare two abstract works

The exercise I have left until last … abstraction is the area of art I never thought I would learn to love but one of the benefits of this course is that is has opened my eyes to styles and … Continue reading

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Comparison between two annotations – Titian’s Diana and Actaeon and Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait

These two paintings are separated by over a century in years but also by the fact one is a by a Venetian artist of the High Renaissance and the other by a Flemish artist of the earlier century. The two … Continue reading

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Hellenistic and Roman Art – summary of reading

Tutor notes regarding feedback with any suggestions/corrections are the end of this blog. POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL Unrest due to wars with Persia and other countries during time of Alexander the Great. Development of Republic of Rome which resulted eventually … Continue reading

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